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Thread: Still hunting black bear

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    Default Still hunting black bear

    Anybody ever try it?
    In the right habitat seems it might work. Spot n stalk, and bait stations work well, but this would be a challenge

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    Talking Let the bear come to you.

    Get in the thickest highbush cranberry patch you can find with good bear sign, smear yourself with maple syrup, be very quite as you slink through the underbrush - one will find you....

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    We did some still hunting/spot and stalk last spring around Ketchikan. It was an absolute blast. Makes it that way when there are bears around though. This video was in the span of a few hours where we saw 4 different bears. The last bear crossed the creek right in front of me at 4 yards. My nock slipped off the string when I tried drawing back, probably because I had already drawn and let down again. Can't wait to do it again.


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