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    Default 40 mile float

    Has anyone done the road to road portion of the 40 mile? I am looking at a simple float for this fall to test the waters (if you will) for float hunting. Been hunting lots of years up here but never got into the float thing. would this be a decent option to get the feel for float hunting prior to anything more complex?? thanks for any input :-)

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    I've done it a few times. There are several put-in / take-out points. Probably the best for your purposes is to put in at mile 76 on the Taylor Highway and take out at the Fortymile Bridge which is about 50 miles short of Eagle. If the water is low it takes about 3 float days, but higher water would make it a lot quicker. The gage is here:,1,1,1,1,1

    At higher flows you can start before Chicken on the Mosquito Fork (I think that's the one).

    You can see that the water peaked a few days ago, and is now down to a healthy mid-level flow of about 9000 cfs. The last time I was through here the flow rate went down from 2000 cfs to less than 1000 cfs while we were on it. Still, it was a nice ride. It's one of my all time favorite floats. The only real problem with it is the 450 mile drive to get there.

    I have a report about it here: But it mostly talks about the sections below the Fortymile Bridge. Pictures are here:

    There are two rapids on this section, but are mostly class II, and perhaps as high as class III at very high water. The first one is about half way through it, but before the Middle Fork joins. The bigger one is about 2 miles above the Bridge after a sharp right hand bend. Shouldn't be a problem for a normal sized raft, but canoes could have some issues. Both can be lined fairly easy.

    There are also several mining camps along the upper stretches, so you won't be entirely alone.

    Float hunting is best done by using the boat to get you to areas you want to hunt. Chances of spotting game from the boat is not all that good. Nice when it happens though.

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    Default 40 Mile Float

    We are planning to float the 40 mile between July 4 and 8. Jims information is much appreciated, Thanks Jim. We'll leave Fbks after work the 3rd. 4 people, 4 dogs, a 14 Ft round and 18 Ft cat. Looks like a relaxing trip.
    We were going to Atigun gorge / Sag. but after reading more about it we backed off, We're looking to relax. I do know a guy who has done Atigun twice and says it's a good trip but he also flipped a 12 footer on one of the drops. He's young and full of vigor so maybe he likes survival trips. I'm getting to old for swimming in ice water. But it does sound beautiful, weather permitting.
    Hope you are having a good summer, No smoke in Fbks so life is good.
    See you on the water.

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    Floated from the Mosquito to the bridge last September. We spent eight days on the river hunting. The float was great wish I could say the same for the hunting. Can't remember what the flow was but we had no problem at all. We had two 16' Soars and all our gear. Contact Larry and June Taylor if you need a place to stay or a shuttle. You can also check out a post on the Colorado forum about the's under the "Rafting Forum".


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