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Thread: Need big boss with 27'' Tire pics.

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    Default Need big boss with 27'' Tire pics.

    Hey there. Ive decided im going to add another big boss to the fleet. My current 2013 Big boss Has 26'' swamp lites all around and work well. On the new machine I'm debating going up to a 27'' swamplites. You gain 1/8 of treat depth aswell as the obvious of taller tire slightly more ground clearance.

    I don't want to take up all of my suspension travel with tires though. I pack these things very heavy and I don't want rubbing issues. So if people with 27's could post some pics for reference for me I would much appreciate it.


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    Those are 27" MudLite XTRs, and they might be slightly smaller than your Swamplites, but I think you'd be just fine.

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    Hey thanks a lot! I appreciate it. Just talked to Hatchers pass Polaris and they are telling me 27'' swamp lites wont fit on the rear due to rubbing between the tires. Some 27''s will fit, just not Swamp lites.

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    I put 27" Mud Bugs on mine and love them, no rubbing issues encountered. Sorry no pics with me right now...

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    Just looked mud bugs up.. Looks like a very nice tire. Im not sold on swamp lites by any means. Its more of an easy availability thing.

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    2001 Big Boss 6 X 6 what tire size can I go to without major mods and what front wheels do I need for tie rod clearance.

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    9'' wide in front is safe. Im running 9.5'' wide on the front of my 2004 6x6. They are super swamper vampires and they clear but its tight. 10'' wide and your going to need spacers for the front. 12'' wide in the rear should also clear on your 2001 without spacers. As far as tire height, the older 6x6 the rear tires are a bit closer together than the new big bosses, so some 26's with big lugs will fit, some may not. Im willing to bet 26'' swamp lites wont as they run taller than advertised im hearing. It really depends on the tire manufacturer. Im learning this just recently aswell.

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    Im running 27" kenda executioners on the rear of my 2010 big boss. I have plenty of room between tires and no rubbing anywhere else. The executioners have been great!

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    big boss2.jpg 27" Mud Lites on 2010
    Matanuska-Susitna-20130714-01494.jpg 26" Swamp Lites on 2012

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    Good to Know Moosehunter. Did you order the tires yourself or? Shipping on tires up here is ridiculous... again availability thing is why im leanin towards swamp lites again. I do like those Kendas though. If they were available locally I would have no problem putting those on

    Laker Taker - Thanks for the pics! Man the 27'' mudlites look the same height as 26 swamp lites. Which tire do you like better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kk alaska View Post
    2001 Big Boss 6 X 6 what tire size can I go to without major mods and what front wheels do I need for tie rod clearance.
    I asked my ER Polaris dealer he said 26 X 11 X 10 on the rear 4 and 26 X 10 X 12 on the front with spacers. Believe it was Mud LIte andy one running this combo on a older 2001 Big Boss?

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    I did order them myself and had them put on my stock rims when they arrived. I ordered them through a couple of years ago and if I remember right it was only like 60.00 to ship six tires. I didn't think that was too bad. There was a time I ordered tires from them and got them shipped for free but I think they went away from that. I havent ordered anything recently from them so I don't know for sure what they charge now.


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