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Thread: Honda 50 remote throttle

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    Default Honda 50 remote throttle

    I can't find any information on adjusting the friction on my 2010 Honda 50 remote throttle control. I have to hold the throttle lever to maintain setting. On my Yamaha 50 it had an adjustment screw on the back of the control box.

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    This just might be an adjustment that needs to be made at the engine. I just rigged a BF50 for my little brother's boat and the throttle adjustment at the engine has to be "just so" or it will not hold a throttle setting. I have the rigging instructions from AMDS. PM me with your email and I'll scan those documents to you. It may help save you from a headache. If that doesn't fix it then you bring over a good IPA and we'll do a side-by-side of the two BF50 and fix what doesn't look right on your engine.

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    Check the face of your remote, where the key goes in, below that there is the emergency shutoff clip and lanyard. Right below or even with bottom to the inside of that, on the face there should be a flat head screw sticking out. Turn that to tighten or loosen your remote throttle friction.


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