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Thread: hiking to cresent lake

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    Default hiking to cresent lake

    could someone please fill me in on hike to cresrent lake . is it hard ; how long does it take iam fifty and in decent shape. thank you

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    Default Crescent lake Hike

    Depends on which route you take.

    The Crescent Lake trail is 6 miles and would be considered moderate for difficulty. It is generally really easy, with a few steep spots. If this helps, it is a great mountain bike trail. It is doable for anyone in decent shape. Probably best if you can reserve the cabin and make an overnighter or two...

    The Carter Lake trail is only 3 miles to Crescent, however the first mile is very strenuous, after that it is rolling hills and alpine meadows... If you take your time, you should do fine on this trail as well....

    Hope that helps.

    by the way, remember that fishing doesn't open on Crescent until July 1.

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    You are correct. If dosen't open until July 1. I like to go up the steeper 3 mile trail stopping at the first late on the way. It is a climb though.

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    Default The first lake

    I heard a rumor that the first lake is sterile...there are no fish there.... in fact there is nothing alive there...there is no reason to even stop at that lake.... don't pay any attention to the large rainbow reports.... I repeat, there are no fish there


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