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Thread: best area/rivers for salmon in august

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    Default best area/rivers for salmon in august

    don't know nothing about alaska and I'm wondering about best rivers/area fo silver salmon or king in august.

    also some name of outfitters/lodge/fishing camps.

    many thanks,

    Luca, Italy

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    Your best weapon is the internet. I love to fish the Kenai year round but lots of research will pay you big rewards, It is all depending on the time of the month and of course the all mighty dollar. I can give you a number of a guide I swear by and if he can not fit your needs he will put you in the right direction. I fished with him some years back for silvers and rainbows and he ruined me so bad I went and bought a cataraft to float the kenai. That is after living here 22 years. PM me if you would like his web site email and number.
    Good Luck chuck

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