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Thread: Woman's mountain hunting gear

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    Default Woman's mountain hunting gear

    My wife will be tagging along on a late season high country sheep hunt this fall and I'm looking for suggestions on clothing for her. She tried on my timberline pants and they fit her but were not comfy. I would like to know what gear you and your wives have found that works well so that I can have a better idea of where to look when we are trying to get her new gear. I would like to know about everything from Packs to Camo. I'm thinking we may have to look into mountaineering brands as most camo brands might not be the right fit? Should we just layer with merino, find a good durable shell for hiking - and use down insulating layer for warmth while glassing or is there a better setup you have found? If you have any input it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Have a look at this thread, Luke and I hunted sheep with our wives last fall. Both are petite and can't wear most hunting clothes. I did find a set of Sport Hills camo that fit her and she likes. Most of the other items were mountaineering brands Arcterx, North Face Patagonia etc....
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    This is a very frustrating subject. Apparently (according to women's hunting clothing manufacturers) women, and kids for that matter, don't like or need to dress in advanced layering systems like men. They like to wear bulky, heavy multi-layer garments that are pretty much useless in the woods.

    That being said, solutions are out there. My GF is small/petite. 5'3" and she wears S/XS women's clothing. This size clothing also happens to be about the same as Youth L, so that expands the selection a little. So far we have got her a Cabela's Space Rain jacket in Men's M (smallest size available). This works well, but is a little big. I have also ordered her a Sitka Scrambler jacket which is on sale at MidwayUSA. This is the same material as the 90% jacket, just less pockets and a steal at $68. Base layers, pants and puffy's will all end up being Mountain Hardware/The North Face type stuff in muted colors. Good luck.

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    My oldest boy is sick of shopping at REI because I outfitted him in neutral colored women's mountaineering gear for several years. He wore women's mountaineering boots when his feet were to small for men's gear as well. My wife also gets non-hunting brand gear since they just don't make the good stuff in sizes/cuts that fit. I take comfort and quality over camo every day of the week!

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    My wife and daughter use heavy merino base layers, shells and good down for the slow and cold. They need fit and comfort same as us. One thing is they both dress way too warm at the beginning and I can't convince them to start hiking a bit on the cool side to stay comfy while moving. They were cold standing around before the good down coats came along.


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