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Thread: any clubs or groups that go out for upland birds

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    Default any clubs or groups that go out for upland birds

    looking to make some new buddies that share the same passion for preservation and hunting that I do not sure if thiers any groups that go for ptarmigan or rabbits. and by groups I don't mean killing rallies. usually go alone just moved to the Wasilla area and lookin to find some people that share the same love for the outdoors

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    There is a Ruffed Grouse Society chapter that hosts events and contributes to upland game management. I'm not aware of any alpine-type clubs for the ptarmigan specifically but likely the same folks would populate similar clubs. Rick Merizon, the small game specialist at ADFG, may know about a group that I'm not and worst case scenario is you get some phone or face time with THE resident expert on upland game.
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    RGS in conjunction with the Arctic Bird Dog Association just had a big fundraiser shoot over this past weekend over at McKenzie Point.
    I helped out Saturday but had to work yesterday.
    Great group of folks! You may find it a little hard to pin down folks right now as everyone's very busy at the peak of bird season. RGS Banquet will be in March and is a great time.
    Here in Alaska the pointer and flusher folks work together to form a conglomeration to be more effective.
    I've been working/training my GWPs in Chugiak through the North American Versatile Dog Association NAVHDA. Wonderful people and training begins in early spring and peaks just before tests in Chena/North Pole in August.


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