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Thread: 911 and the conclusion of a moose hunt.

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    Default 911 and the conclusion of a moose hunt.

    Tomorrow is September 11'th (Patriot Day).

    The 9-11 attack did not really happen on September 11'th, well at least for myself and two others it did not happen.

    The first I/we heard of it was on the 20'th when the pilot picked us up from a remote wilderness Alaska lake in game unit #11 near the Canadian/Alaskan border.

    The pilot a man in his 70's started telling us about stuff that was not believable, and the more he told, the more unbelievable (Surreal) the situation was, to the point I thought he was insane to fabricate such lies. It was only watching a 70 y/o man weep as he informed us, that offered any clue that it was true.

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    My dad was in a similar situation. He was out hunting on 9/11 so didn't have any communication to know what happened. He called my mom on a sat phone a day or so later and she explained it to him. All he knew was that the skies got really quite. They were across from Fairbanks, so there is usually a lot of air traffic, but not after they grounded all flights. He said it was a little eerie because he could tell something seemed wrong, but wasn't quite sure what.

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    My son and I were nestled in our bags in the tent on a moose hunt when it all went down. I called in to the wife on the FRS radios around noon and she explained what had happened....
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    I was at the cabin and woke up and turned on the tube and was shocked out of bed. There was a couple of gaurdsmen that were up the night before and they camped about a mile west of me, so I thought I'd better let them in on what was going on-------"so- were hunting, don't get cell service, as long as we don't get a order let it play out." -----That was kinda wrong if you asked me.

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    I had a German client pass up a 70" bull that morning, then checked in at the lodge and heard we'd been invaded. (No one had any details yet) we were perplexed and went back out, passed up a low 50" that night...weird day looking back on it.
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