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Thread: Who Else got blocked out of DM 773 by military training

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    Default Who Else got blocked out of DM 773 by military training

    My wife drew this tag and we planed to hunt near trident glacier where we did in 2009. In 2009 they scheduled training for same time but let hunters in at last minute. this year my wife I had been planing since permits results came out but were notified recently that access would not be allowed to this area. we had planned a fly in hunt. Where can we go to utilize her permit now.

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    I'm not quite sure where exactly Trident Glacier is, but guessing it is in the "Military Closure" area shown on the attached map. If so, it looks like there is a good amount of other area in the unit open to hunting. Unfortunately, when applying for permits in areas with military activity, there is always the chance that some or all of those areas could be closed during the hunt. Hopefully you are able to find some open territory to chase the moose around.

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    Looks like 75-80% of the zone is open to hunt still and if you had a similar experience in the past with the same hunt, why did you not plan for an alternate hunt area? Always have a contingency backup plan in your pocket.

    I am sure your pilot can land in other places, and who knows, you may find a better area along the way. Good luck.

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    Mt Hayes air service says there is only one strip in 773 that is accessible to him. in all past years military has arranged its schedule around the hunting season but this year they are not. Unfortunately all areas in Unit 20D close on 15th which dose not fit into our scheduled leave time. and since we do not have boat to get across river we our out of luck this year Pilot is returning our money unfortunately it is too lake to find another fly in area on this short of notice within our budget.


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