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    Hey Guys, would anyone happen to have some good recipes for Irish lord? I just discovered an area near Whittier where I can catch a bunch of these. I fileted one up and added some creole seasoning to it just to see how it was and I was shocked on how tasty it was. So what else might go good with these tasty creatures???


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    We really like them in chunks in soups and chowders. Wait till the last minute when everything else is done, then fold in the chunks and let stand until done so the chunks don't break up.

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    I can imagine any seasoning you might put on worms would also be good on Lords.

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    Putting them in chowders sounds tasty. Never go wrong with Fish Tacos.

    Here's a few links to sculpin recipes which would work quite well for the Irish Lords, too, IMO.

    I will be in AK in two weeks and will be fishing for sculpins and red Irish Lords...IF the first one I catch, cook and eat tastes as good as EVERY Chef, restaurant, recipe and dockside seafood house claims.

    Let us know how the fishing, catching, cooking and eating goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live4chrome View Post
    I can imagine any seasoning you might put on worms would also be good on Lords.
    Sums it up, LOL

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