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Thread: Lake Creek Logistics?

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    Default Lake Creek Logistics?

    Hey guys,

    Was wondering how many rivermiles to Lake Creek from Deshka Landing? I can't find the recent thread about using Google Earth to rough out river miles.

    Also, some threads have suggested less than friendly guides out that way. I'm interested in trout, not kings, and thought I'd boat over there and camp out for a couple of days. Does that river mellow out after the kings? I'd flown in there years ago for kings and was shocked at the number of boats, planes, and people.


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    Default Two words...Russian river!!!

    Yes, its like a remote Russian river up there. Its about a 50 mile run from Deshka. The guides up there do tend to give you dirty looks but they know that you can make it worse for them and their customers than they can for you. The river did a lot of changing after last years flood so its not anything like it was last year. If you are more interested in trout fishing I would recommend going upstream of Bulchitna Lake as most guides don't go much further than the last major straight stretch past the lagoon. Also very few people go up there just for trout during king season so you shouldn't have much competition. From what I heard from a friend who owns one of the lodges up there the river is low so watch for rocks. When you get back give me an update!!! Any other info about the river feel free to ask.

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    I've gone to Lake Creek the last few years the first week of august. Once king season is over, the crowds clear out. You won't see many other people above Bulchitna Lake.


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