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    Default Marlin 70PSS

    Looking for a good .22 rifle that I can use for small game like rabbits but also strap to or throw in a my pack any suggestions? I have been looking at the Marlin 70PSS but not sure of the design.

    Marlin 70PSS -

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    Default Papoos

    I have a Papoos and love it to death. The barrel is easy to take off the receaver and makes for a nice compact little package. The abreviated fore grip takes a little getting used to but is not a hinderance. The gun comes with two seven round clips and more are easily avalible. It shoots very well and as I said eilier it take down small enought to fit in a backpack. It is a worth while investment.
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    Never tried a papoose personally but I have heard some great things about them from a couple of people. Personally I like Marlins', I dont see how you could go wrong with it.

    If you got a backpack that allows you to carry a whole gun your options would really open up, but that papoose is about your only option if you need a takedown gun.

    The only other things that come to mind are a conteder or a nef handi. But they are probably going to be a pain assemblying in the field.

    I have been having good luck with a scoped 22 pistol for packing and hunting small game with, so that could be another option you could look into.


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