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Thread: Kodiak Gear for September

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    Default Kodiak Gear for September

    I need advice on what type of fly line and flies (type, color, and size) to use for my trip to Kodiak in mid September. I plan to fish the road system for silvers and dollies. I am planning on using an 8 wt for the silvers and a 6 wt for the dollies. I am also looking for a good waterproof ball cap to use under the hood of my wading jacket.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hat: Marmot precip cap;

    Line: Sink tip, your preference (I use mainly type V scientific angler, ~12 feet tip, and sometimes as needed, a type III 15 foot or shorter type VI ~5-10 feet);

    Flies: barbell-eye bunny flies with flash in hot pink and green, flashflies, and egg-sucking leeches (starlite pattern) - in purple, black, white, and pink with red or orange heads.

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    Day in, day out, you'll use a sink tip about 5% of the time for silvers. They like slower waters and slower flies as a rule of thumb and there's just not that much fast deep water on the Kodiak road system, much less on the rest of the island. A few holes in the upper Karluk and two on the Ayakulik qualify for sink tips when fishiing silvers. Otherwise mending a floating line with weighted flies will do all you need to do.

    Other advantages of the floater are silvers' taste for shallow water, and the opportunity to fish dries when the conditions are calm. Dry lines cast a lot better in the wind, too. Wind on Kodiak? Nah. I use a sink tip so little that it doesn't even justify a spool of its own. I keep one coiled in the back of my vest just in case, but it may stay there a couple of years at a time without getting wet.

    All the standard silver flies will work, but everyone has their favorite too. I'd bring a wide range of patterns and colors, plus a mix of sizes and weights. Clear calm days will make you switch to really small stuff, and dark overcast for big. Usually a slow sink on a fly is best, but sometimes you need to get deep. Lots of variations on Woolly Buggers in my boxes, including ESL's in about ninety-leven color combos. Best all around producer between fresh and salt is a sparce Clauser, with florescent green and white being #1 and chartreuse and white being a disstant second. Okay, now you know my favorite.

    For Dollies, I'd sure recommend something lighter than a 6. A 4 or a 3 will do lots better. Another Dolly tip: Lots of shaggy humpies below the surface and they'll make you nuts when you try to fish wets for Dollies. Afternoons and evenings the Dollies get onto #16 deerhair Caddis with gray bodies. Skate them right over the top of the pink salmon schools for the biggest dollies or through the shallow rifles for more action. Dead drift it, and the action really slows, but keep it moving and the Dollies will chase it like sharks.

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    I would stick with your six weight for the dollies. Yes a four would do the job but there can be some big dollies here it is nice to have a bigger stick when you hook into the hump of a pink.
    Bring both a sink tip and floating eight weight for the silvers. In normal to high water I like the sink tip, normal to low, go with the floating line.
    Just my $0.02

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    8 wt is good for silvers all you really need is a floating line but a dredger could be useful I suppose, I only use dredgers in glacial waters and sketchy fish, neither of which you will find on kodiak. In fact 98% of the silvers I've caught have been on floaters, so if you have extra lines bring them if not don't stress it.

    FOr dollies in an ideal world I'd use a 3 or 4 weight because sea run fish are pretty small, the largest you will find is probably around 18 inches, however a 6wt will be fine but if you have a lighter rod I'd bring that instead. THe exception is of course if you will be fishing on a steelhead stream in which case bring a 6wt just in case.

    Bring orange wet flies and egg sucking leaches

    P.S. If you make your flies barbless you can usually roll cast them off ratty pinks
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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