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Thread: Wood River/Tanana Flats

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    Default Wood River/Tanana Flats

    Anyone been up the Wood River off the Tanana R? Just curious of water levels ... not having been up there myself I hear that water levels will fluctuate with/out rain. Also sounds like finding the channel(s) just up from the mouth can be tricky. I have a 16' w/ 50hp jet.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    The Tanana is still running fairly high, and rain is in the forecast all week. I've never done the Wood, but I do travel the Tanana quite a bit, so I'd venture to guess that during the opener, the mouth will be fairly easy running with the higher water.

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    Thanks to those that got back to me. My trip is planned for mid-September so I suspect water levels may even vary between now & then ... sounds like I'll have to play it by ear and have several backup plans. Thanks again,

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    Be prepared for problems at the mouth of the Wood. It can change from it's normal location based on how much silt is built up. A buddy of mine drove by 2 stuck boats with his Extreme Shallow and rubbed bottom himself.

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    Thanks ... how recent was this trip? I assume once he got past the mouth he was able to continue for a while? Then again, I've also heard about big log jams, too. Based upon what I've read & looking at aerial (sat) images, it appears that the first 1/2 mile might be tough ... more or less airboat territory. I guess maybe I won't know for sure until I stick my nose in there & see it for myself ... just wanted to hear from those that have done it recently.

    Much appreciated!!

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    I ran the wood for three years straight 07,08, & 09. It was tough, but doable. I have good intel from last year and previous years that the mouth has changed dramatically. It is MUCH more difficult with logjams, beaver dams and flood damage. My friend who attempted last year never made it through the mouth. Best of luck.

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    Default Wood River/Tanana Flats

    On the map were it shows were the mouth is keep going up river and take 2nd and 3rd slu to left. About another mile or so up river.
    It been 2 seasons since I was up there. But we made it al the way to the military cabin on the left bank. Have fun getting unstuck,

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    any word on the mouth of the wood hows the log jam ......????


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