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    The family is planning a trip over there and I know there is a boat launch at the BLM Campground. Is it a good enough to launch a 22 foot boat with no worries? Also, any tips for fishing it?

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    Shouldn't be an issue. 22' - what type? River boat, ocean? I launched my 24' Sea Ark with no issues. If prop, you can't fish to much at the outlet. Troll for lakers most likely deeper waters, and grayling.

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    When living down there for the summer, I had best luck trolling from 60' to 20' zig-zag style. Small diving green wiggle wart had the best luck, but spoons, cranks, etc all work. Make sure your hook is legal. Attachment 80399

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    A few years ago the concrete ramp was in good shape, but I seem to remember that I backed down off of the end of the concrete and had a little problem getting the trailer back up. Probably my fault, but be careful.

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    Thanks for everyone's replies. I will check out the special rules for fishing as we want to chase lakers. My boat is a C-Dory 22 and it is very easy to launch and retrieve so that ramp will probably work. A good friend said it would be no problem, and he's pretty conservative in things so it's probably fine. Again, thanks and any other pointers would be appreciated.

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    Just to clarify, it looks like you can use just about anything you want as long as you use a single hook without any bait - which means you probably get skunked.....LOL.....

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    Take a shotgun with you instead. I used to work for the BLM and when we built the campground back in the '70's, there was a guy from Fairbanks filling up a chest freezer with ducks when I was there in the fall checking on the construction. He had them stacked in there like cord wood with a little genny keeping them frozen. Nothing like a little diversion if the fish aren't biting.


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