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Thread: Pike In Anchorage.. Where did they go??

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    Default Pike In Anchorage.. Where did they go??

    Well I have been hitting sand lake very hard. I have yet to catch a pike in 3 or 4 trips now. I went out earlier this year and cought a couple tiny tiny pike. But ever since then... nothing. Have any of you guys tried cheny or fire like with any success? I have a canoe and wouldent mind traveling out to the valley. But I dont know of many lakes I could access with a canoe from the road.

    Well sorry for the babbling. But have you guys found any pike in the anchorage lakes or know of any lakes in the valley that you can fish for pike in?


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    Default Cheney dead for Pike from what I can tell

    I live a minute away from Cheney and watch/talk to lots of folks trying but no one seems to be catching any pike from the last couple of years. The word is that F&G has netted some nice ones out of there but never see people connecting.

    Canoe-wise, head up the Nancy Lakes canoe trail area. I believe a number of those lakes have pikes.

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    Thanks a bunch.

    If anyone has any hot pike spots. PM them to me and I will trade you some hot arctic char, rainbow, burbot, or laketrout spots for your pike spot. These spots are all along the roadway as well.

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    I have been fishing Rainbow lake (in willow) pretty hard and havent had much luck either. Caught about 10 this lastweekend, and about 5 the weekend before that. Some caught on Herring, and some on rapalas. This last weekend all the fish seemed to be very shallow and working the boat around the edge spotting first then casting seemed to be the best bet.

    My beagle was following along the lake edge with me and he scared up a mallard hen and a couple of ducklings. The ducklings hit the water and 2 pike came out of the edge, the hen and all but one duckling took off one way with one of the pike in tow, the other duckling went under water right at my boat with the other pike right behind it. The Pike took a swipe at it but spit it out just 2 inches from the edge of my boat! I think the duckling made it back to the bank, I know the pike didnt get it as I watched it for awhile trying to entice it with a rapala but with no luck. Maybe I oughta tie up some big yellow duckling flies. Also these pike were not that big, Between 18-24 inches. I saw another mallard hen the day before and she only had one duckling. Now I know why.

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    In previous years I used to slay the pike at Lower Fire Lake. I would literally fill up a five gallon bucket with hammer handles and have a few lunkers in the boat to boot. I had a friend who couldn't even buy a fish at the market, he was that bad. During the peak red runs on the Russian everyone would be limited out and the fish would be pooling around him but he still couldn't catch one. I took him to Fire Lake a few times and he could even catch a couple pike and a few nice rainbows. In the last few years I am lucky if I even see a fingerling pike, the weed beds have evaporated, and the rainbow fishing isnt what it used to be.

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    I've posted this one before but here it is again. Genuine Fire Lake pike. I caught that guy about 3 years ago.


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