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Thread: Anyone use a Gramin area 500 gps?

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    Default Anyone use a Gramin area 500 gps?

    Had a friend stop by and said his works great in his plane or in his car... Anyone with first hand knowledge. ???
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    Seems like they came out just as smartphones were taking over the world. My phone can do everything that I would have bought the aera I didn't ever get one. Might be nice to have a dedicated product though, so I would also be interested to hear what others say about them.
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    Have one in each plane. Love them. Flush panel mounted both. I don't look inside all that much tho so admittedly I use 1% of a gps functions. I like that u can tap on the screen any point and GOTO. That and groundspeed is most of my use. They are sweet set ups. Get ak topo card. It's sweet

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    I have one in a panel dock. It works great and has more features than I need or know how to use. I'd probably rather have a 795 (larger screen, synthetic vision capable) but don't have space in the panel without lots of work. My iPhone is too small to be useful but an iPad Mini with The Garmin Pilot and/or Foreflight app is a good option if you're disciplined enough to remember to bring it. I like a panel mount as a primary GPS myself.


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