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    Did a shake down run on the boat @ Mud/Swan and the slough. Rock is 1/3 outta the water and there is a new beaver dam on the slough (Mcroberts?) that connects Mud to Jim Creek. Could be hard to see running at warp speed in the dark!! Swan, leaf etc.. water levels looked as expected. For those of us with pooches there is already a moose hide right at the launch and the remains (bones/leftovers) right off the parking lot. If your huntin partner is anything like my four legged partner might want to air them before you get to parking lest you end up with a stinky pukin' pup!

    Good luck this coming season


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    thanks for the update whats the bird numbers look like out that way. Did you check out the cabin by swan lake
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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