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Thread: PWS Storm

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    Default PWS Storm

    So how many of us were there caught out in the storm Friday afternoon, in PWS? I found 8' water in Nellie Juan Friday afternoon. Man did it build fast. It was ugly!

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    Default I decided to wait until

    saturday morning. Glad I did. Glass and sunshine sat and sunday. Seen 5 five bears and a guy got one. Little breezy in the afternoons but nothing kicked up like they were calling for.

    been out there 8 weekends in a row and all have been pretty nice except for the rain two different weekends. Launch pass has already done paid for itself and some. Can't beat that deal. Just wish it was good state wide, atleast in South Central. Plus the docs have been slow this year it seems compared to the past couple years. I have been pleased with that. Now it is time for fishing.


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