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Thread: Rage SlipCam Broadheads

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    Default Rage SlipCam Broadheads

    Just wondering if anyone on here has used these BH's? The concept seems to make a lot of sense to me, but not sure how well these would actually work on bou. Anyone have any experience?

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    I use them and indeed like them. They fly true and straight like they advertise. Penetration has been great on Caribou! I have shot them out to 70 yds and they hit like my field points (also accredited to a well tuned bow). The only problem is sticking them into a quiver. You have to cut large holes in your foam to clear the blades, any pressure on the tops of the blades will cause them to open imediatly. That is the only problem i have had.

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    I used these in Colorado for mule deer. They performed flawless for me. They shoot exactly the same as my field points. My muley went down fast, 20 yards from where I shot him. The entrance and exit was amazing. I used the 2 blade and my exit hole was almost 3 inches and even split a rib. I plan on using them when I move up to Anchorage in Feb. after I get back from Baghdad. I'm do for a serious dose of hunting as I missed last years season and I'll miss this years also. Good luck to you all this year. I enjoy the stories.

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    Default Morgan

    Morgan: Thank you for your service to our country. If you need any questions anwered about caribou hunting the Haul Road just PM me. I am already packing and organizing gear for the trip.

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