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Thread: Ketchikan Silvers

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    Default Ketchikan Silvers

    Are the silvers showing up in any numbers yet?

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    Three weeks ago is the current online report for K-town area Coho angling. POW is killing Silvers big time.

    .... AK fish & game report - Marine anglers have been reporting great coho and pink salmon fishing. Anglers can now find good marine shoreline angling throughout the Ketchikan area for both pink and coho salmon.

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    On the outercoast here in Sitka, trollers are bringing in 100-400 coho a day FYI.

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    It's very good coho fishing here on the west side of POW. You can picks several areas and have very good fishing. Big cohos too. I've caught more 12#+ cohos this year, than I ever have. I fished 17 of the last 18 days and I never had a problem getting limits of cohos, even with some 30kt blows. Pinks are thinning out in some areas. Halibut fishing is very good this year too. They look healthier.


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