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Thread: Little Su by foot

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    Default Little Su by foot

    Unfortunately, I dont have a boat but was looking at hitting the Little Su. Not sure how far up the silvers are now, would I have much luck hiking down from the parks? Or would going out to Burma landing be a better bet?

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    I hiked down from the parks on Saturday. I saw one dark silver, a few rotten dogs. I'd head lower.

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    Default burma swamp

    I walked about 2 or 3 miles upstream from Burma Landing to where the weir used to be (late 1990's) ,
    this was a very nasty walk through mostly swamp,
    when we popped out of the brush near the weir, all the people in boats were quite surprised,
    they asked us "how did you get here?"
    I caught one and offered to give it to someone on one of the boats because it would be heat baked by the time we hiked back,
    the boat guy then offered us a ride back which was quite entertaining,
    great big inboard jet that had to stay on step,
    the driver said the people standing in the water always get out of the way at the last second !

    I went on a King charter about 10 years ago and we caught 4 kings
    only 2 bends upstream from the launch,
    there is a shore hiking trail that could reach this spot

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    I have always hiked down river a short ways from Burma landing and have done great on both kings and silvers in previous years.

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    I have also done well hiking downstream in years past. EARLY morning is key. Flash trap spinners worked well for me.
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