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Thread: Mag-na-ported Kimber 325 range report

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    Default Mag-na-ported Kimber 325 range report

    Well, this winter I sent my Kimber 325 out and had it magnaported. NOT muzzled braked. My goal was to tame the muzzle flip. Life has been way too busy but I finally got out to run a few rounds through it to see what difference it made.

    Murphy has described the recoil etc. on the light Kimber 325 as "torquey". I agree with him. You have to hang on to that sucker but the felt recoil at the shoulder is not has bad as my old wood/blue Ruger 06. Anyway, I am happy to say the magnaport does what it's supposed to do. I shot it six times off the bench and the muzzle flip and "torqueyness" is gone. I mean TOTALLY gone. It just snaps straight back into the shoulder. I don't feel that I have to "hang on" to the rifle any more to keep it from jumping and "twisting". I can't say for sure if it has any more felt recoil at the shoulder or not. Shooting six rounds gave me no shoulder pain or discomfort and I was just wearing a t-shirt. Someone around here thought that if the muzzle was not jumping that the force would be transferred back into the shoulder. I can't say for sure. To me the recoil is fine for a 7lb 8mm short mag.

    As far as noise goes, again, I can't say for sure if it's any louder. My friend I was shooting next too didn't say anything about it. It sure wasn't any louder than the 338 RUM he was shooting!

    Bottom line is the mag-na-port tamed the torqeuy muzzle flip of the Kimber with no discernable increase in felt recoil or noise as far as I can tell.

    I only shot it six time because I didn't want to shoot up all my spendy factory 200gr accubonds I bought last year and I still haven't had time to work up any handloads to REALLY shoot it. The next step will be loading up some 220 gr GameKings I have, then I'll run some rounds through it.

    PS, there was guy or two around here in Fairbanks who have Kimber 325's and this winter we talked about hooking up and doing direct comparison of a magnaported and non-magnaported gun. Let me know and we'll go do it.


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    That's a good report and just what I've experienced with the Magna-Port work. I'm sure that improved that light rifle without ruining it's looks or making rocket out of the muzzle. I have owned several guns that had that done and really like hunting with them as I can see the bullet impact.

    Magna-port claims a reduction in recoil as well as muzzle control, I don't think I can feel the recoil difference but muzzle control is definately better, especially in light weigh barrels such as the Kimber Montana. I'm glad that worked out for you.
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    Snyd & Murphy....

    Magna-port, as you note is the simple answer for muzzle rise.

    My 330Dakota had the most serious muzzle jump of any rifle I've ever owned...but Magna-port ended that. It makes the rifle come virtually straight back....felt recoil may be, in my experience, a little more noticeable, but that isn't any problem. The 330 is much more comfortable to

    That's what magna-porting is really good for....Though it may be helpful for heavy recoiling, short barreled handguns....What do you think, Murphy? I've thought about doing it to my M396Smith or, were I to give in to the lust, a M329Smith. (If they aren't light they end up left in the sled bag or on the truck seat...for me.)

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    Yes, Magna-Port tames muzzle jump. I got Freedom Arms to do the same for a .454 Casull I have, and it made a huge difference. It helps the shooter with follow-up shots, since the muzzle stays pointed closer to the traget. But it also increases noise in an upward direction, and a little to each side. A muzzle brake is noisier because it makes noise all the way around the muzzle.

    I friend of mine has a European made .30-06 that has a sort of Magna-Port at the muzzle. The rifle is very old, made by BSA, I believe. It came that way from the factory years ago, and his Dad gave it to him before he passed away.


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