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    Ok as stated in a previous thread I need to qual for the Ft Rich BP hunt. I'm not real experienced with BP but I think I'm a pretty proficient shot. My shooting opportunity has limited me pretty much to shooting at 80 yards or more (shooting across water so I can't get closer). I'm shooting a traditional .54 29" barrel using 425gr bullets and 110 grains of pyrodex RS. Iron sights and a semi rest is giving me triangle groups 2" sides or less about 3" below my point of aim @ 80 yards. @ 57 years I think my eyesight is the main limiting factor there! I bought this rifle used and I'm not real eager to tinker with the sights, the screws look pretty well "set". From what I read I'm thinking my rifle is probably about dead on at 50, does that sound right? I don't plan on shooting any more than 150 max. I have some sabots with 275 gr bullets but I tried to load them and I got them a couple inches down the bore and couldn't move them with my ram rod. Pulled them with a needle nose pliers. People have told me sabots are tight and I might have to almost hammer them home. I'm afraid of getting one hung up. My main question regards how my rifle is likely to do at 50 yards. Thanks

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    I would expect it to do as well, or better than what you see now. As for the sights, I have a T/C Big Boar .58 cal traditional rifle and had difficulty with the sight picture, all it took for me to improve it was replacing the front bead with a fiber optic, HUGE difference and very easy to install. It only requires a small brass punch and hammer, at least for my rifle, as the sight is set in a dovetail groove.

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    You're probably about right about 50 yards, but I'd certainly shoot at that distance to confirm. With that heavy slug and only 110 grains, you might well be an inch or so high. More than that I'd shoot at 100, 125 and 150 if you're planning to shoot so far. Trajectory is really a rainbow. if you're 3 low at 80, I'd bet you're 5 or 6 low at 100, and somewhere around 12-15 low at 150. I'd sure do a lot of shooting and probably adjusting the sights if you plan to shoot beyond 100. Dead on at 100 will still put you 8-10 low at 150, and probably as much as 5 or 6 high at 100.

    As for the sabots, lots of variability between sabot brands and individual rifles and bores. You're likely to end up buying lots and doing lots of shooting with those to come up with the right combo. You're also going to learn a whole new dimension in bore cleaning between shots to shoot more than one or two at a time.

    If your location won't allow shooting closer than 80, I'd be tempted to shoot what you're using, but sight it in dead on or even a little higher at 100 in order to raise the POI some at 150. You don't have to worry about the POI at closer ranges, so it's not a factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrownBear View Post
    ...and probably as much as 5 or 6 high at 100.
    That should read "as much as 5 or 6 high at 50 yards."

    Sorry for any confusion, but I didn't notice it until it was too late to edit my original post.

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    I am about your age and I was having trouble getting good groups with iron sights. I went to a rear peep sight and my groups were cut in half. You might give it a try. Also go to 120 grains to flatten your shots.


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