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Thread: fishing in Cordova

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    Default fishing in Cordova

    I am considering a trip to Cordova . Are there any rivers around Cordova that are good silver/trout fishing .

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    there are some cutts around but i'd stick with silvers.

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    Anything happening in Cordova yet for Silvers? Ibek or Eyak?

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    Default fishing in Cordova

    Eyak always has tons of silvers downstream of the boat launch... There's even a trail on the mountain side of the river. Labor Day weekend is usually VERY good!

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    Any new news on the silver fishing in Cordova? I'm headed there next week. Any good advice to a first timer there?

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    Still no body fishing cordova that can give us a fishing report???

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    Spent a few days in Cordova. Fished the Ibek and hippy cove pond. Used orange and yellow Kodiak Custom lures and eggs. Did ok, but not fantastic. The silvers were huge though. Hippy cove pond was a bust for us. We fished it at low tide and though there were a bunch of silvers swimming about, they all seemed to have lock jaw. I wanted to fly fish, but nothing was hitting any flies I brought, and I brought a lot. Should have rented a boat and hit the Eyak. Saw some guys with some very nice fish. Maybe next time... If anyone has fished the Ibek and know of some good spots for fly fishing, please let me know. I'd love to catch one of those bruisers with a fly rod. You can PM me if you don't want to share with the world your favorite fishing spots. All in all a pretty good trip. Will do it again and hopefully be a little more prepared.
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