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    Hello, I stumbled across this forum looking for boat dealers. Must say its well done.

    My question is does anyone on here own a Nordic Tug? Or know somone who does?

    Im in the market for a new boat and im leaning towards the 52, I would like to see what the real world problems are. I know of the heater problems but thats a easy fix and im not to concerned with it.

    Any info that any of you have would be much apreciated.


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    Can't really help but to say that Nordic Tugs have been on my "MAN I REALLY WANT IT LIST". Don't know if you have considered them or not but you may want to take a look at the American Tugs. Both of these boats seem to be alot alike.

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    Default Nordic Tug

    From a marine mechanic's point of view, I think Nordic Tugs are the real deal. They are very well put together and reliable. I have mostly been around the 26',37', and 42' models. The 52's are still new and I have never been on board one. There are many 37's around Southeast . Last time I was in Bar Harbor (Ketchikan) I saw at least 4 tied up and I saw one recently in Thorne Bay. The older boats used Yanmars and Cummins 6BTs and the new ones use Volvo and Cummins. The engine installations are done well and the electrical systems are quality.

    On the negative side, I think the 37's are a little "tippy" in rough water and I am a believer in twin screws in Alaska waters. Single screws are ok for Puget Sound where most boaters cruise around flat waters on their way to the barrista and help is close by. That region is where they are built, so I understand. The 52' should have a twins. On the other hand, many people like the single engine because of the simplicity, clean installation, economics and less rotating machinery to maintain.

    In regards to "problems", most of the related work I have done on Nordic Tugs is preventative maintenance and normal wear and tear issues. Nordic Tug would be one of my first choices for a live aboard.

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    They certainly do enjoy a good reputation.

    On another note though... There's no group of boats on the water I hate to encounter more than semi-displacement hull cruisers. They have just enough speed and power to drive their sterns deep into the water, creating huge wakes, but not enough to really make more speed than some full displacement hulls.

    As hinted above, they are not displacement hulls, nor are they planning hulls. They are a compromise between the two, with really none of the advantages of either.

    Of course that's just my opinion, Nordic tends to disagree. Then there's that fake smoke stack deal...

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    Im trying to see if they will do the twin 450hp cummins option, its more money, but well spent in my opinion.

    Thank you for the info.


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