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    Default Ship creek report

    I have fished the 3 of the last 4 days early a.m., thursday was great friday was ok, today was ok, I brought home a 18lb hen--had 4 hook ups before I sealed the deal, I was pleased, then I got to the weigh station and a guy had landed a 42 lb fish!!! I think it is still a bit slow--but as always I am looking forward to tomorrow morning!!

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    slow slow slow fishing today saw 4 caught in 4 hours on with the tide in the middle
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    Default caught my first king of the season today...

    well went down to the creek about noon and high tide wasnt till like three thirty or so and just as im setting up, the fella next to me hooks into one. he lost it and i saw that he had a pixee tied on. ive never caught a fish on a pixee before, but that was proof enough for me. so about an hour after the tide had changed, i had hooked and landed a twenty pound hen. by the time i got the hook out and settled down, i noticed that everyone around me started throwin pixees. man i sure made me smile. keep yer lines tight fellas and see you on the river....


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