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Thread: Best lightweight "Block n Tackle" and "Com-a-long"?

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    Default Best lightweight "Block n Tackle" and "Com-a-long"?

    Just wonder what folks have used in the field and found very successful. Lightweight and strong for a fly-in float. Went on my first boat base hunt and had a come-a-long and was very happy that we had it but the weight issue on a fly in not sure. If you have some solid input please share the make, model and source.

    Stories would be a benie of all of us.
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    Look at "AK Cool Tools"...they make a really lightweight unit.
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    I looked at the possibilities on this a number of years ago and never was satisfied anything was light enough to be worth sacrificing pounds to take with me. What I did:

    I bought the following: Petzl Micro Traxion Pulley, 2 screwgate carabiners, Petzl Fixe Pulley, 4 Petzl Ultralegere Pulleys, a couple other oval carabiners, rope with 1,000 pound strength. My kit wasn't cheap, and it's not feather light either. I keep it all in a small zippered gear bag about the size of shaving pouch or dopp kit (except the rope). I like this arrangement because I can do rigging and customizing as needed. It's not as easy as a come-along, but better than no tools at all. The Micro Traxion Pulley is a locking pulley, which is a huge aid when hoisting or dragging against gravity. The ultralegere pulleys are simply plastic units which slide onto a carabiner and can turn it into a handy pulley. A combination of these can be rigged to produce a block and tackle. In fact, 2 wide carabiners and 4 Ultralegere pulleys can create a cheap B&T with 1:4 advantage, meaning you'll move 400 pounds of weight with 100 pounds of effort.

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