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Thread: Need power for Hewescraft 18'

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    Default Need power for Hewescraft 18'

    I have restored a 1979 18' riveted hull and am looking for the best size motor for this boat. I don't plan to run the Kenai so the 50 hp is out. I need this for a cheap ride when I want to do some close in day trips for salmon and shrimp and don't need the luxury of my Glacier craft with its high fuel use. What would you guys power this with? I'm thinking somewhere between the Yamaha 70 and 90 hp. What do you guys think? Also this will need a long shaft because the transom is about 25.5". Thanks for any input.

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    That's a lot of HP for that size boat. A 40 horse would be plenty IMO. Unless you are going jet.
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    Yeah.....I don't quite understand..... you say a 50 is out and then advocate for a 70 or 90 but don't need the "luxury"...???

    I've got a 40 Johnson Alaskan on my 18ft Bayrunner and it moves it along quite nicely. But if I did upgrade to a 4 stroke, it would be to a 50, and that would be about all I would need I'm sure....
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    We have a newer Hewescraft Open Fisherman, welded not riveted. We weren't planning to run great distances, so went with the 50 Yami 4-stroke. Here's what it does for us: Flat out with one person- 29mph. But with 6 people it still does 25mph. We run and troll all day long on 3 gallons of gas. Our run is only about 10 miles round trip, but we'll troll for 5 or 6 hours. I'm betting you'll beat those #'s by a fair bit with a 50 on your 18.

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    Go with a 90. Honestly cost will be negligible as will fuel consumption. But when you need the power you will have it. My fuel consumption going from a 50 to a 90 was about 1 gallon a day for every day I fish. At trolling speeds it is the same. It's better to have more when you need it than too little and not be able to do what you want.

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    Thanks for the input from you guys. I'm thinking the 90 because the gph is not much difference but the power is there when you need it but after talking with some local guys with the same boat they make the 50 look pretty good and I can dump her into the Kenai if I want to. So bottom line I'm still undecided. Guess I have till spring to make a decision. May just need to flip a coin. Glad I still have my gas guzzler to play in while I decide.

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    Just got back from the river and saw this thread. I have a Garmin transducer from a 188c sitting in the garage. Part # is 010-10272-00 send pm if this would help.
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