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Thread: Ship date for Kotzebue Hunts

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    Default Ship date for Kotzebue Hunts

    Hi guys:

    I have gotten a number of last min. calls from groups who are looking for gear packages for this falls hunting season out of Kotzebue.

    Here is what I have left and the dates I ship:

    1-14 foot raft package
    1-16 foot SOAR hunting Canoe
    2x-3 man drop camps=Cabelas tents, kitchens/cots/chairs/pads ect.
    Meat boxes shipped flat

    I ship on Aug. 25th and that is it. If you need any gear I need to know very soon because i do not ship anything to flight services after the 25th of August. It is alway hit and miss when you ship via Air Cargo and I like to give a 2 week buffer to make sure everything arrives on time.

    Thanks and let me know quickly.


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