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    Picked up an old square stern Herters. It's built like a tank and in pretty good shape. It has a double hull with a 3/4 inch hole in front of each seat. There is also a hole in the rear where I assume the water that drains into these holes comes out so that it can be bailed. Does anyone know if these holes were designed this way when new? Seems like they would plug up and cause problems.
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    Have an old Herters catologue (fun to read) and the canoes are heavily hyped but nothing mentioned about drainage holes.

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    Thanks North61. I think someone drilled them to drain that hollow area. I'm gonna plug them. Built like a tank. Not light weight. But I think it'll handle a pretty good motor for a 15 foot canoe.
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    What you need is the old herters portable depth sounder to go with it. I know someone who has a working one....
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