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Thread: Upper Kenai Rainbows and Dolly's

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    Question Upper Kenai Rainbows and Dolly's

    After 20 years of living here 3 years ago I got hooked on bows on the kenai in the fall. So i went out and bought a cataraft and my wife and I float it all season now. We have great success in the fall of course but are still searcing the spring and summer catches out. We like to float from the bridge to sportsman in june and july and are just looking for some ideas on patterns to use. We have had success on egg sucking leeches many colors. we are looking to try articulating leeches this year along with smolt patterns and sculpin patterns too. We are useing fly rods so plugging is not an option. We have explored pretty much every bar and hole and love trying new things and being on the river. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Look for the blue cataraft with the lady catching the fish not the hubby.

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    If you are up for a new float in the fall when all the pukers leave, between Sterling and Soldotna is some of the hottest Rainbow fishing around, Iv caught many big boyz bouncing flesh fly’s & the kids like to fish from the bank for dollys in slews with fish cleaning tables. Lots of action there.
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    fishook you a commercial fisherman?

    Whats a puker?
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