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Thread: One eyed halibut.

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    Default One eyed halibut.

    Something you don't see every day. I'm sure it's not ultra rare and you see all the damaged rainbows on the Kenai so i know fish can live through a lot. But I was fairly impressed with how healthy this fish was. No real signs of damage where the other eye should be. I know the pics sort of make it seem like there is a scar there but it was perfectly smooth. If it wasn't some kind of ultra rare genetic defect, it must have lost its eye very early on in life.

    Rest of the weekend was on and off. Hot on some tides, not so hot on others. Still managed a couple of 25 to 30 pound fish plus a few smaller fish fishing out of two kayaks and with folks who had never caught a halibut or fished out of a kayak.


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    A video that's a little longer than usual because I made it for my guest. Makes me smile a little bit to see another very experienced angler (just not halibut or kayak) go through many of the issues I battled with not too long ago. lol.

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a heck of a good time.

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    I am very impressed with your productivity with kayak fishing. You seem to do better than some people I know with skiffs!


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