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    Ok we planted potatoes in a half black plastic barrel just like last year. Put them in the bottom foot or so and as the plants have grown we've added dirt. This last burying I think SOMEBODY got a little over zealous and SHE also laid,the plants o their side since,m there was no more room to add dirt. A week later about half the plants have failed to claw their way back to daylight. I dug in and found basically leafless stems that look lifeless. All this in a week-8 days. Out of the 3 half barrels 2 have some signs of life, one has none. I'm wondering should we dump that one over and have early potatoes? Or is it just too early? These are "iditereds". On a positive note I think at least somebody will not be as over zealous about wanting to rebury the potatoes at any sign of greenery......and a "wild" potatoes that sprouted down by the compost pile where we planted our containers seems to be doing VERY well......even though it now has 8-10" out in the sunshine!! Any advice on how to salvage would be appreciated!

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    We've done the same thing before. My wife said that when she had this happen she dug down to the plant stem and some of them grew new leaves within a few days. Some of them were very wilted and rotten and never did come back.

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    Oh what a bummer! Is it possible to dig around and feel for new potatoes without dumping? I mound, at most, three times a year...This year only twice.

    Maybe your compost potato will produce some spuds for you too...
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