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Thread: Did You Find an Extra Pole Section on the Kenai?

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    Default Did You Find an Extra Pole Section on the Kenai?

    I mentioned earlier that I was dip netting on the Kenai side of the beach last week. We offloaded the truck at the end of the road near the rest rooms, and while I was parking the truck, my son-in-law was schlepping the gear out to the beach. When I finally made it back to where he put the gear, I noticed one of my 10' pole sections was missing. I went back to where it was offloaded and it was not there. Someone either mistakenly picked it up, thinking it was theirs, or they stole it. On the off chance it was an honest mistake, and you are trying to figure out who it belongs to, I thought I would post it here.

    The pole is distinctive in a couple of respects. First, it is 10' long. Second, it is sleeved on one end with a larger diameter piece of pipe welded to the end. Drop me a line if you found it, or know someone who might have.


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    Check with the State Troopers lost and found.


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