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Thread: Skid Plates for outlander

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    Default Skid Plates for outlander

    I recently bought a outlander 500 and was hoping I could get some recommendations/ideas on after market protection for the underside. I broke off a plastic front cv joint guard earlier this week on the kings river trail and would like to upgrade.

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    Default Skid Plates

    You might want to look at Aluminum Products Inc. I purchased a set for my Grizzly and have been completely happy with them. bWhen I bought my Grizzly I had them installed before I took it home. I dont think the plastic front and rear axil guards would hold up for long. Hopefully this helps.


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    So far Ricochet plates seem to be the state-of-the art, and are beefier than the BRP aftermarket ones. I'm not if any dealers can/will get them up here--I had someone flying up here include the set in their baggage. The Ricochet kit consists of:
    - Front bash plate (starts right under the winch mount and curves under the leading part of the frame, and is double-reinforced).
    - Full front A-arm guards
    - Center "wing", which fits under the motor and foot rest area of the ATV
    - Rear plate (which runs under the main spar between the rear wheels.

    They have slightly different kits depending on whether you have the standard frame or the max. Before shipping, they run something like $330.

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    Default Poly from Perfex

    I've had riccoshi% and poly on 2 different outlanders. Poly is definitly the way to go. Especially if you plan on plowing snow. Then reuse the skids in the spring, you'll never re-install aluminum skids without all kinds of re drilling and trouble.

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    3/8" petex,countersunk mount holes,ss bolts w/a little anti-sieze and a hole saw for your fluid drain points....Just be a little inventive on mounting,every machine is different.Best thing ive ever done to the machines!
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