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Thread: This is one happy youngster

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    Default This is one happy youngster

    Hello everyone - My son got his boat this summer and talk about a happy kid! We are very impressed with the performance and craftmanship and would also like to give a big shout out to Craig along with Steve down in Idaho. We took it to Knik Glacier a few weeks ago and after seeing the Glacier while crossing the Knik bridge for the past 29yrs it was way up on the cool list. We also put in at Deshka Landing for the first time and checked out a number of places around that area. We have always had to go downstream with the Catarafts so being able to go upstream is deffinately a plus. So I would like to ask you all to share some of your adventure spots with me. Knik Glacier 18.jpgOh after reading a few post regarding PFD usage I better explain. We are parked at the platform where the tour operator parks. Before we take off we not only wear them but the pup does also. Thanks for reading and stay safe - Jerome

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    Congrats and you will have a ball with that thing, I have had mine since 2011 and really enjoy it.
    Like you, cant say enough about Craig and his folks, just dang good people!

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    I love my Sjx been nothing but impressed with it congrats on the boat
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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