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Thread: Versatile Hunting Clothing

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    Default Versatile Hunting Clothing

    I'm an eastern tenderfoot that does a lot of hunting out west... looking for some feedback on Cabela's line of Berber Fleecewear, wool blends etc. I'm tired of just throwing together my hunting clothing, I know what I'm currently using is not as efficient, and it's quite heavy. I want a clothing system that is lightweight, warm, and layers easily. I don't mind spending the $$$ if the system allows me to go from 70's to the 20's in a days time while staying warm and not overheating... is it possible???

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    I am using Patagonia Capilene (especially Silkweight, Midweight and R0,5) clothing for nearly every outdoor activity: I have used them for more than 10 years now and most parts are still like new. They offer maximum sun protection (white silkweight) in the tropics and best underwear in the north. I am running, backpacking, climbing, sailing, cycling and even snorkeling and diving with those shirts: They are perfect and worth every cent!!!

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    Default Cabelas

    The berber with windstopper is awesome, The new Wooltimate stuff is a little warmer and slightly heavier but has its place. I have both and love them. The key is stuff that dries fast, keeps you warm enough(depending on the season), and blocks the wind. Both are extremely quiet also for close up stalks.


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