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Thread: Jim Creek Silvers in yet?

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    Talking Jim Creek Silvers in yet?

    Well someone had to ask. Thanks for info.
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    I seen a couple landed last week, I only caught reds while out there. I went out last night and it was slow, probably 6-7 people fishing and I spent about 3 hours there. While I was there nothing was landed spotted about 5-6 rollers.

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    I caught one silver, about 5#, and one red in Jim creek proper, not Knik, on Sunday. We fished all day and had a great time but didn't exactly deck load the boat. Saw lots of fish but mostly reds, I'd guess 10 to 1 reds to silvers.

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    Default Knik water level

    Was going to go but saw the Knik gauge was @ over 12 ft.

    I have only fished Jim when Knik is between 9.5 ft and 11 ft

    Anybody go to Jim on either 8/12 or 8/13 ?

    If so, could you still drive a car to where Jim enters the Knik ?

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    Default access road flooded at 12.2 feet

    Read a post on AOJ that said access road where you leave the trees was flooded 8 /14 AM.
    They said you could drive if you knew where the high route is (i.e. the shallowest route).
    Fishing area flooded and unrecognizable (but still there).

    Based on this info, I'll answer my own question for the benefit of others:

    The access road where you leave the trees starts to flood when the river stage reaches about 11.5 feet.

    For easy access only go if the river stage is 11.0 ft or less.

    Ideal conditions (based on my past experience) are from 9.5 ft to 10.5 ft

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    Default 11.2 feet

    went this morning (wed 8/20) with late arrival around 8:00AM

    river gage @ 11.2 feet

    access road not flooded at all, except a little to deep for the CRV to make the last crossing to the island up by the mouth

    early people caught fish, later people caught very few fish

    did not see the big schools moving through like I have in the past,

    just an occasional fish swimming by or swirling


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