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Thread: Does anybody have any experience with the BRP 1503 150hp, 215hp, 250hp engines

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    Default Does anybody have any experience with the BRP 1503 150hp, 215hp, 250hp engines

    I've been doing some research on a new boat build either a phantom or SJX, and i'm trying to go light so diesels are out of the picture, but now that BRP has released there engine to the open market (ie boat manufacturers, not just anybody). This engine would be nice both fourstroke and the weight is 300lb great WTP ratio. I do not know about price they won't give that info to me. Just trying to put some feelers out there to see if anybody knows more or has experience GPH? reliability? engine issues? I do know that Phantom is building a boat with the engine in it as we speak so I'll be contacted them when complete on the outcome.

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    I would not gamble on these new motors. They still can't make the Gen 1 ETECS run reliably. Hopefully the Gen 2 units are better, but I am sure it will take some time to iron out the wrinkles.

    BRP's customer service has been decent, but who wants their new boat sitting at the shop getting fixed.

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    I have the BRP 150’s...Do not buy these engines! Evinrude has big PROBLEMS! BRP should sell Evinrude!

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    These engine packages have nothing to do with Evinrude Etec. They are a 4 stroke line based of the 1500cc 4 Tec line, and have been reliable plants.
    Absolutely no relation to the outboard lineup.
    Its all jet drive, and have seen some favorable numbers from other manufacturers already using the Brp jet package.


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