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    Hi All!

    New transplant Via Uncle Sugar from N. FL many moons ago. Before I pose my question/situation I want to thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge in this forum. I grew up paddeling in the SE US but have been out of the "game" for around 20 years so I've got a lot of reading to do...

    Having said that I'm going to be picking up an Old Town Discovery Sport 17 in the near future and have narrowed down the powerplant to a Copperhead 6.5 but can't seem to find any reviews. I know Mainer was playing with one but the search function didn't come up with specific results.


    Here she is:

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    I have the same canoe, and was wondering about the 6.5 copperhead for it as well. Any feedback from anyone? Have you tried it yet feetpiece?
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