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Thread: Homemade Greenhouses?

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    Default Homemade Greenhouses?

    Our garden is not doing too well this year. The tomatoes are just starting to grow a little.
    I've decided to take some scrap materials and build a hoop style greenhouse. Just to cover
    a few rows. It's temporary. So I was going to lay some 4x6's in between the plants and then
    drill holes spread two feet apart. Then loop some plastic pipe in a arch over the plants. Putting the plastic pipe ends into the 4x6. I plan to install a top support to connect all the loops. Then just cover with some old greenhouse plastic I've had laying around.
    We are working towards moving to AK. So I'm not going to build anything too complicated right now. But I would
    like to have one or two greenhouses in AK later.

    Has anyone built their own greenhouse? Do you have any suggestions?

    As I was writing this something came to mind. Years ago, my brother-in-law sent me a Alaska Outhouse book
    from Juneau. Which is always located in my bathroom. The book not Juneau. It would be neat to see a thread with pictures of
    Alaskan outhouses. Anyway ..........

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    Try pm'ing Skydiver99654. He built one a couple of years back that looks pretty pimp.
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    Default Barn style for windy area

    Built this 10 years ago
    2x4 & "Sun Tuff" Green house sheeting
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Wish I'd have seen something like this before I started nailing 2x4's together.

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    Where in pa are you ?

    A even easier way is pound stakes leaving 6-8" up and slide pvc over them. Secure on the ends with top. I use spring clamps on the bottom to hold the plastic on mine.

    Plants are doing good even in the cool temps. Mines in a raised bed hoop house.

    Anyways check this out ....


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