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    Just ordered a free pair of Thorlos socks. Cost $4.90 for shipping. Just a heads up there's a free "try us" offer on their site.

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    I hate Thorlo's.

    The way they're woven creates a very coarse terry-cloth on the inside of the sock. After a couple of hours I felt like I was standing on metal screen or pebbles. They are well-made socks otherwise but they don't work for me.

    I love Smartwool socks but have found the Danner Merino-blend Boot Sock to be equally good and cheaper.

    Hopefully the Thorlo's are a good fit for you.
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    Have worn Thorlo's for a few years, and they seemed fine, expect that eventually, I manage to poke my big toe through them. Switched to Cablea's brand wool socks and they feel great... but expect they will die from the same fate. I do clip, but apparently not as often as I should. Would like to see a brand with a bit more emphasis on the durability at the toe area.


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