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    In the several areas I drop pots, I've encountered sand fleas...sometimes a lot of my bait containers. I actually drilled bigger holes in half of my containers so they could get in. My thought was that their munching of the bait would put out more particulate and a better scent trail back to the pots. The last several trips I have not had a single one. I was wondering if they migrate or move around or if this might be a sign of a changing ecology? Just seemed odd to me that something that was very common is now seems to be totally absent. Thoughts?

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    Don't know anything about the life cycle of sand fleas. I've thought the same thing though, they munch up the bait and help spread the scent trail. For sets up to 12hrs I like the round mesh jars from B&Js. It lets the bait dissolve quicker. For longer sets I use the orange type from Donaldsons with the thin slots. I'm seeing less fleas this year but I'm trying new areas so can't compare.

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    I think they come & go with the currents, but when they find food look out.

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