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Thread: Nursing Facilities

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    Oh--there is Amigo Will who is in Wrangell; he knows way better than I in terms of Wrangell! We work for SEARHC in Sitka.

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    Sent you a PM.

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    This is a perfect example of the type of facility I would not like my wife to work for.

    They treat their nurses horribly. I talked to a nurse that works there and he/she told me about their billing practices. Many people
    wouldn't receive a bill for over a year. Then the bill was instantly put in for collection without ever sending previous bills out to the customers. I have talked to people from the community that have experienced the negative billing practices. This company/facilities will never become a magnet facility. Now they've been hacked and millions of people are being affected because they own so many facilities.

    The problem is that when such a large corporation becomes hacked. So many more people are affected. When such a large company treats their
    workers badly, so many more people are treated badly. When such a large corporation provides bad services. It also affects so many more
    customers because they own so many facilities and the facilities are required to follow certain company rules.

    My wife has never worked for this company. A cousin was supposed to work for them after training to become a nurse. She said that they were so bad that she told them that she wouldn't ever work for them. Living in the area all of our lives has given us the opportunity to see the negative transformation over the years. Good small hospitals have been slowly bought up and ruined.

    I also wanted to ask if anyone has negative facility stories to share but do not want to make it visible on a forum. Please consider PM-ing me about them. Thanks.

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