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Thread: Sardine Wrap?

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    Default Sardine Wrap?

    This term has been mentioned many times on this forum while using a k-15, and to be frank, I have no idea what a sardine wrap is or how I would do it. I am new to using these types of setup and I am looking for some insight. Also how much current is needed for a kwikfish to be effective and dive to the right depth? Do you need one of those $8 (dam those are expensive) divers, that I would probably fling loose like a newb whipping a fresh gob of eggs on a single hook.

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    Default Sardine wrap instructions

    Check out this link on Bob Ball's site

    or here

    You want the plug working pretty close to the bottom. That said, water depth and speed of current will determine how deep the plug will dive. Sometimes in slow or low water conditions (ie. the Kasilof in May this year), there won't be enough current to even get the plug working correctly. Say you've got enough current, but a really deep hole, then yes you may want to run a planer followed by the plug on about a five foot leader. Or insted of a planer you could use a lead weight and back bounce the plug through a hole. Another case would be plenty of current and a shallow river (such as the Kasilof), then you're just fine flat lining the plug (ie. running it off your main fishing line without a planer or sinker). When I fish a plug this way, I'll usually use a two foot section of leader so my main line isn't getting scraped into the rocks...or better yet getting raked across king teeth.

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    Thank's for the reply, much appreciated. Now, where do I get these sardines, these do not look like the ones in the can.

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    Default Kwikfish and divers/sardines

    There are definitely times in faster current that you will need to use a planer for the plugs. Take for instance the faster/deeper water. Typically, the current pressure on the line will keep the plug from diving to its advertised depth in the faster water, so the diver will take it to the bottom where it needs to be. You can determine this by looking at the nose of a new plug... the paint should be scraped off by the action across the bottom.

    Sardines are available at most bait shops; i.e. Trustworthy Hardware, Ken's Alaska Tackle, even Fred Myers.

    My preference is the new latex Spider Wire.... simply stretch the thread around the filet and break it off.... no knots needed. You also want to pay close attention to the plug tuning when adding bait. Sometimes a non-productive plug will get the perfect action with bait and then start catching fish... and sometimes the converse is true...

    There are many guides who will fish baitless plugs all year and still produce plenty of fish.

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