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Thread: Crosswind Lake to the West Fork Gulkana

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    Default Crosswind Lake to the West Fork Gulkana

    Anyone on here ever float it in a canoe? If so, how did it go? How was it crossing Crosswind Lake? How was it floating down dog salmon creek? Did you bring a chainsaw? Was there lots of debris, logjams, sweepers and crap in the creek? How was the fishing? Were there lots of bears? How long did it take you? Did you ever have to portage? If so, how far? How wide was the creek? Would it be possible to float in a raft?

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    Jack, I was looking at this last year and opted for a fly-in drop on the West Fork. Ended up not floating it at all because of our dry summer last year. I have a 18' cataraft and the advice from a few folks, Mainer and Walt I believe, is that you want to take a skinny boat through that route. Mainer_in_ak has done it before, I think, or is at least familiar with the area. You might try sending him a PM.

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    Lots of sweepers unless someone has gone before you. Call the BLM and ask st speak to the river crew and they may have some real time info. I understand that is a sick trip!



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