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Thread: Anywhere Else to Dip?

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    Default Anywhere Else to Dip?

    Help....You always hear about going with Hem's up the canyon or taking a 4-wheeler to some cliffside "secret" spot....Is there anywhere else where a person can go dipnetting in the Copper without spending an arm and a leg or risking same? Is it worth it to get the Glenellen district permit and go above the bridge? Any access points etc? Can anyone construct a fishwheel and expect some fish?

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    I've dipped both the copper and the kenai. I almost got stuck when the first slide trapped folks a few years back, and have been going to the Kenai since then.

    If you don't want access issues, the kenai wins hands down. You can also catch more fish. It's even family friendly, ie you don't have to worry about your kids drowning, but they will have to get used to a beach covered with fish heads while gulls pluck out the eyes.

    That said, I'm thinking about going back to the copper this year for old times sake. Well that and I have a buddy with a boat and can get into fish a month sooner than on the Kenai.


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