Hi folks,

Unless you are either brand-new to our site, or are still stumbling through the half-sleep of fishing season in Alaska, you've probably noticed a few cosmetic changes around the site. Frankly, this is the biggest upgrade we've ever done in our 18 years online. We've been working on it since last fall, steadily, with the exception of a five-week trip I took to Asia, to help out some folks over there. At any rate, we wanted to create a thread where you can report anything that's broken, so we can fix it. It's like we just built a brand-new house; there's an outlet that needs a cover, a burned-out bulb over there, some trim that needs a paint touch-up and so on. Please explore the site and let us know what you're finding, okay? We'd like to fix it for you as soon as we can!

Just post them right in this thread, okay?

And for the record, we're talking not only about the forums, but especially about the main site. Where can you find the main site? Glad you asked! The links to the main section are at the top of this page, right under the new name of the site, "Alaska Outdoors Supersite".

Thanks in advance for your help!